When it comes to donating your time and money somewhere, obvious (and very necessary) organizations usually come to mind, like food banks, homeless shelters, cancer research funds and WAMU. (We've amassed quite the tote bag collection...). White we certainly agree you should keep doing what you're doing, we found five less obvious non-profits that do some pretty cool stuff, so if you're feeling extra generous (with your money and/or time, we mean), perhaps one of these organizations and the people they serve will be the lucky beneficiaries.

First Time Computers
This organization solves two problems in one fell swoop. You no longer have to worry about what to do with your old computer and an underprivileged kid won't have to worry about where he can type up his English essay and, totes obvs, keep up with all the best Internet memes.

Rock Creek Conservancy
DC's very own enchanted forest doesn't upkeep its wide array of biking, hiking and running trails by magic. No, it needs the community's help, which is where this organization steps in. It helps to secure park funding, while taking care of park maintenance with over 2,000 volunteers.

Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture
When one things of national parks, defunct bumper car pavilions don't often come to mind. That's because relatively few people have heard of Glen Echo Park, a defunct amusement park with enough history to make an Oscar-winning movie. Although the only remaining ride at the park today is an antique carousel, but the park regularly hosts art, cultural and recreational activities that depend largely on volunteer money and time.

Fund for Investigative Journalism
Remember when journalism was less about the worst celebrity breakups and more about, well, actually uncovering news? The Fund for Investigative Journalism doesn't just fondly look back, they do something. Located in DC, this organization needs money to make sure we all know what's going on in the world.

Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop
Going to jail sucks. Going to jail and coming out unable to understand why you were there in the first place and becoming a repeat offender sucks more. This organizations brings literature and critical thinking to young inmates with the goal of empowering them to change. Everyone deserves a break once in a while. And a good book.