It might be the most perfect food in the world—the avocado. Not only is it tasty and pretty healthy (even the fat in it, when consumed in moderation, is good for you), but it's nickname is "alligator pear." That's awesome. And of course, while the we'll gladly add alligator pear to just about anything we're eating, we can't get enough of it in its most Mexican form, guacamole. Here are five dope spots in town to eat it:

El Chucho (3313 11th St., NW)
The chefs make the guac fresh and a little bit different at this Columbia Heights eatery. Besides alligator pears, they also add cucumber and radish, which gives this Mexican dip a slightly crispier texture. We likey. Tacos El Chilango (1119 V St., NW)
One of the newer places in town to get your guac on, or in your mouth rather, is this little U Street spot, which expanded to its brick-and-mortar space after running a successful food truck for years. Made fresh and on the spicy side, the guac here comes from a traditional family recipe. It'll knock your sombrero off.

El Centro DF (1819 14th St., NW)
Made tableside and served in the requisite big stone bowl, the guac here is simple and delicious, made with the amount of spice you want, but keep in mind the peppers at the mild spice level are basically undetectable. Unless you're from the Midwest.(ZING!) The spicy on the other hand will definitely burn a little, so have a margarita at your side to cool your tongue.

Taqueria Nacional (400 N Capitol St., NW)
We hope you're hungry because the portion size at this Capitol Hill lunch spot is "too much" when it comes to the guac. If, indeed, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. In this case, there's not. Feel free to multitask with it, too. Slap some on the tacos, which are also not to be missed here, before sucking up the rest on lightly salted tortilla chips. Or, heck, just lick the container. Now, that's a midday lunch break.

Mama Chuy (2620 Georgia Ave., NW)
If you're a fan of traditional Mexican flavors like cilantro and lime juice, you'll love the guac at this establishment, located in the heart of Howard University territory. The chefs don't skip on either in their version, which results in a super healthy and fresh-tasting guac. Not gonna lie—kinda wanna collect a vault of the stuff to dive into Scrooge McDuck style. It's that good. Plus, it's incredibly well priced. Six dollars for the large portion will feed two easily.