Give us your best witty caption to go with this extra curious pic on Twitter or Facebook.

We'll post some our favorites to this here website.

As for this interesting image from last week, here are some of the caption contributions:


"Betty's Shaggin Wagon, Betty speaking."
- Rob McGoldrick


"Me? Oh, well a long sleeved shirt and a skirt... why do you ask?"
- Sean Succolosky

"I only promised I wouldn't TEXT and drive."
- Stan Stone

"Luckily, it uses T9 predictive text to easily dial your favorite party line."
- Joshua Hermias

"Sally is pleased as punch that, through a loophole in state law, texting on a rotary phone while driving is legal. Good work, Sally! Another win against big government!"
- Josh Phillipson

"Hello? Dog, is that you?"
- Kelsey Agnew

"Decades before texting and 10 times more dangerous, the "Don't Dial Your Rotary Phone Embedded in Your Floorboard and Drive" campaign never got off the ground due to high print costs."
- Lisa Epstein Salmansohn

"Oh, and we even installed a car phone in the Mystery Machine. Velma! Show 'em how it works!"
- Christian Dato