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Cowboy Café

50% off Cowboy Café
"Everything is made in house," said Jim Barnes, one of this laid-back restaurant's owners. And by "everything," he means it—even the pickles are made in-house.
Although it's called Cowboy Cafe, don't come expecting too much kitsch. While you may hear live bluegrass that happens a few nights a week, there's an equal chance you might hear rock'n'roll. We ventured in (note, we did not mosey), on a weekday afternoon and found a casual, laid-back atmosphere filled with friendly locals looking for a tipple and a meal. "We think of ourselves as one of the last neighborhood dive bars," said Jim, one of the spot's owners. And while that might describe the the vibe, the food quality tops that of many-a-fancier restaurant. "Everything is made in-house," continued Jim. And by "everything," he means it—even the pickles are made in-house, so don't discard the sphere that comes alongside the half-pound burgers. Ranging from veggie to the Barnyard (a behemoth double burger that's topped with BBQ pork, two slices of cheddar, a fried egg and bacon), there are 15 varieties of this filling dish available. We went with the LoJo, which comes smothered in bleu cheese, grilled onions and and the chef's spicy TNT sauce. For those feeling less carnivorous, bite into a fresh-made salad. The Southwest Salad is always a good idea, as is pretty much anything served in a tortilla bowl.

Menu Highlights:
Southwest Salad, $9.50
Chicken Wings, $7.75
The Barnyard Burger, $15
LoJo Burger, $9
The Cowboy Steak, $12.95

Deal Hours:
Monday - Friday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday, 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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