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Sacrificial Lamb Kabobs & Wraps

50% off Sacrificial Lamb Kabobs & Wraps
The best advertisement for this place is its aroma, which beckoned to me like a cartoon, drawing me in with a wispy finger. Must...get...noms...
I remember first time I went to Sacrificial Lamb. I was biking to home from work along R St., NW, when I got a whiff of curry at the corner of 17th. Then, I swear, the aroma made like a cartoon and drew me in with a wispy finger. Soon I was dining on a plate of some of the juiciest, most flavorful curry chicken I've ever had and cutting its spice with a piece of freshly baked garlic naan. The next time I went (something like two days later), I opted for a dish featuring this hole-in-the-wall's namesake animal—lamb. I got it vindaloo-style, which did not disappoint. It made my tongue burn in the best of ways, but not so much that it masked the flavors of the spices, or most importantly, the lamb, which just like the chicken, was juicy and delicious. Keep in mind, though, that what you get in flavor and food quality, you don't get in frills. If there's room, I suggest sitting outside on the sunken patio, as the interior space can get snug when foot traffic is higher. It seems I'm not the only one unable to ignore the call of a beckoning cartoon aroma finger...

Menu Highlights:
Chicken Curry, $10.95
Lamb Vindaloo, $12.95
Beef Kabob, $11.95
Goat Biryani, $13.95
Chick Peas, $8.95
Garlic Naan, $2.95

Sunday - Thursday, 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Friday - Saturday, 11 a.m. to midnight

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