Would it be terribly cloying to say that Cinque Hicks, veteran Atlanta arts critic, long ago wrote the book on the Atlanta arts world through years of reviews and critical essays on visual arts? It wouldn't be if he hadn't just actually helped write the book on the Atlanta arts world, alongside Cathy Fox (whose website we like very much) and Jerry Cullum. Noplaceness, a new critical publication that puts a magnifying glass way-up-close to the culture of visual art in Atlanta, has made it from the publishing womb out into the world. You can read more about it in Creative Loafing's excellent consideration of the volume, which mentions such hometown heroes as Ann Marie Manker, the Paper Twins, Shana Robbins, and more. Needless to say, we're digging the thought of such scholarly attention being placed on Atlanta's contemporary art scene. We're digging the idea of our favorite artists getting a nod in a fancy-pants, real-life book. And we're really digging the upcoming release next Tuesday (celebrated with a black tie affair at Poem88), when Noplaceness will give us a solid excuse to call in sick to work, put on our graduate student flannel, and curl up with a book that makes us think really hard about how much we like our city.