What is it? Where is it? And most importantly, are there a plethora of couches upon which to sit? Urban explorers Out There Atlanta answer these questions and more (what was Blondie doing there, anyway?) in their interview with the folks behind the alternative music/art/performance venue in the Old Fourth Ward.

What is CouchCouch? It is a unique performance and living space in Old Fourth Ward, that opens its doors to creative expression and the occasional couchsurfer. They do music as well as activities and performances you won’t find anywhere else. What’s behind their approach to entertaining and what do they hope to do in the future? You’ll have to listen to find out. Listen here or on iTunes. Topics include: Why CouchCouch has no couches, the time Blondie from the Clermont Lounge gave a poetry reading (and an impromptu lap dance), and their open door policy.