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The Original Pancake House (Alpharetta)

50% off The Original Pancake House (Alpharetta)
This ain’t your grandma’s breakfast place. Actually, it could’ve been. You’ll find out how decades of technique polishing and batter recipe tweaking do a pancake good.
Before brunch became a featured meal everywhere from steakhouses to tequila bars, there were really only a few places you could always count on for early morning sustenance. Chief among them was the pancake house. If you haven’t been to one lately, we reckon it’s about time you paid a visit to one of these brunch OGs – the Original Pancake House in Alpharetta, to be more specific.

Vintage photos lining the walls show the evolution of the Original Pancake House from local favorite to vast breakfast empire. Meandering about this mecca of bacon and eggs, we found ourselves immersed in a long, illustrious history of flapjack flippers. These Alpharetta pancake makers have inherited techniques perfected by previous generations of breakfast fanatics – techniques that make a difference we can taste.

Although they’re serving up dozens of pancake dishes and three different batter varieties each day, they refuse to take any shortcuts when it comes to the cooking process. For instance, they make their own yeast sour starter for fluffier short stacks and clarify their own butter for lighter omelets and scrambles. The flashiest flapjack they’ve got on deck, though, would have to be the Dutch Baby – an airy, oven-baked cloud of carbohydrates, capable of converting even the staunchest of night owls into morning people.

Dutch Baby $11.05
Corned Beef Hash with Eggs, $13.25
Buttermilk Pancakes, $7.89

Monday – Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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