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NaanStop (Buckhead)

50% off NaanStop (Buckhead)
At their new Buckhead location, NaanStop continues serving up the fixins that have already garnered them quite the cult following. Dig a quick and easy way to get your Indian fix without skimping on authenticity? This is the place for you.
We've heard tales of a land far, far away, where the food trucks roam freely, the street food flows like milk and honey, and the villagers are never without a tasty snack in sight. This land, known as Los Angeles, is where NaanStop got its start, puttering around town, filling Angelenos' bellies with its naan wraps, rice bowls and samosas. But the ATL is hard to leave behind. Now, after a triumphant return to the A with the opening of their downtown location, they’ve spread their wings and opened up shop in Buckhead. Yup, now you can get a hearty helping of their family recipes no matter what side of town you’re in.

Over the years, NaanStop has already garnered quite the cult following of folks who dig a quick and easy way to get their Indian fix without skimping on authenticity. Case-point: their chai. This is not your run-of-the-mill made-from-mix concoction, y'all. The Chai Lattés are made from scratch daily, with a delicious custom blend of fresh indian spices, steeped and brewed with assam black tea in milk. In fact, everything here – from the chai to the naan to the samosas – is made from scratch, daily. In the owner, Neal’s, own words, he wanted to give people a way to enjoy authentic Indian food without feeling overwhelmed by dish after dish on an unfamiliar menu. Thus, NaanStop's menu keeps it simple: choose either a rice bowl, a Naanwich wrap or a salad, and fill 'er up with an entree like chicken tikka masala, braised lamb or chola (simmered garbanzo beans). For maximum flavor, try one of the chutneys, which range from sweet (apple tamarind) to hot (coconut mint cilantro) to really hot (chili-cilantro). But please, don't stop there: do yourself a favor and get your hands on one of those samosas. It's Mom's recipe, it's about the size of your fist, and it took home the "Best in Show" at Pastry Live Atlanta. (La di dah, right?) Try it chaat style (topped with chutney and chola), and you'll soon be a [naan]believer like us.

Menu Highlights:
Samosa, $2.49
Chicken Tikka Masala, $6.49
Chola (Garbanzo Beans), $6.25
Paneer Tikka Masala, $7.49
Lamb Curry, $8.49
Chai Tea, $2.49

Monday – Sunday, 10:30 .m. to 9 p.m.

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