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Piassa Ethiopian Restaurant

50% off Piassa Ethiopian Restaurant
In Ethiopia, entering the piassa means entering into the heart of the country – a place where you can find just about everything you could need. In Decatur's aptly named Piassa, we're certain that's just the case.
In Ethiopia, entering the piassa means entering in to the heart of the country. There, you'll find just about everything you could ever want or need – opportunities to dance, play or eat. When Dagim opened Piassa in Decatur he aimed to offer something similar to Ethiopians and non-Ethiopians alike. Although Ethiopia is seven thousand or so miles away, we have a feeling that the Ethiopian community who frequent Piassa feel right at home here. Every square inch is a testament to Dagim’s love of his home country. It's a place steeped in tradition and cultural pride – the perfect place to kick back in a booth with a cold glass of talla, or for expats would to reminisce and enjoy their favorite traditional dishes. Non-Ethiopians can nestle in to a home-away-from-home and admire the culture, traditions and complex meals of another country. This is not your mere injera and veggie combo stop – here you can be surrounded by the artwork of Ethiopian kings, traditional coffee ceremonies and talla-drinking-booths. What Piassa is serving up? It’s the real deal.

From the moment that you cross through Piassa’s beaded entrance you’ll feel like you’ve been transported thousands of miles away from Decatur. From the faux hens roosting on the roof of the talla booth to the woven mosob tabletops, Piassa is all about authenticity. While the goat tibs and kitfo that are coming out of the kitchen are certainly delicious, Piassa is so much more than the food that it serves. There’s just nothing like nestling into one of its two VIP booths with friends, gathering round a straw mosob and sipping on their tej honey wine while live Ethiopian bands perform. Piassa is a full, delightful and immersive experience into Ethiopian life, and a place where all are welcome.

Menu Highlights
Combo Tibs, $16.99
Big Fish Alone, $9.99
Fim Tibs, $12.99
Doro Wot, $13.99

Monday - Sunday, 9 a.m. to 1 a.m.

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